Quality Control

Quality Control

Our Quality Policy

Megah Nusantara understand the significant correlation between quality assurance and customer satisfactions through our activities. Our quality policy is as follows:

  1. To adhere to our Quality Management System and performcontinuous improvement.
  2. To fulfill our customer demands for quality and satisfactions.
  3. To maintain and continuously improve our product, documentation, system flow, and human resources.
  4. To maintain the workers' safety by creating a safe and healthy workplace environment.
  5. To flow all the applicable laws and regulations.

Product Quality Assurance

We stand the quality of our product and implement our quaity policy to our product and implement our quality policy to our product across the line of production. By standardizing our processes and maintaining our ISO 9001 certification, we further assure our customer that their projects and order are in good hand. We do various tests in house (in accordance to customers' requirements) such as:

  1. Push Pull test (Tension Check for PVC).
  2. Densitometer.
  3. Water Immersion Test.
  4. Heat Test
  5. Outdoor Weather Durability Test.